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Non-College Housing List

Address City Contact Namesort descending Contact Phone Contact E-mail Rent
292 Delong Rd Cornwall Gabriel and Chenoa Hamilton (802) 462-3889 $1500/month
239 Goose Bay Bridport Gail Blasius 802-425-4505 $1300/monthly
Bingham in Cornwall, VT Gina Gale 802-989-1048 $1800/mo, includes heat, electricity, lawn mowing, and plowing.
128 Seymour Extension 05753 Middlebury Hedya $1600/mo
1439 rte 125 hancock vt Hancock Heidi Lyne 8579398435 Depends on timing
unlisted Middlebury HomeShare Vermont (802) 863-5625 $400/month
unlisted Middlebury HomeShare Vermont (802) 863-5625 $100/month
unlisted Bristol HomeShare Vermont (802) 863-5625 $400/month
1301 Cider Mill Road Cornwall Ingrid and Woody Jackson 8022337651 Grad, Feb Grad, Family wkends, Homecoming $1000 a night, 3 night min.
Twin Circles Middlebury Irina Feldman and Roberto Pareja; $1700 per month
203 Hamilton RD Weybridge Jamie Northrup 8023777091
6 Devino Lane Bristol Janet Chill 802-373-0897 $55/night, double occupancy
North Main Street Rochester Jannah Murray 617-645-6012 $950/month
Howard Hill Benson Jeanne Bartholomew 802-537-4938
912 Grandey Road Addison Jeff 978-263-8646 $200-$275/night. 20% discount by the week; longer term negotiable
912 Grandey Road Addison Jeff Nottonson 978-263-8646 cell phone or 802-758-2704 land line $150/night
2919 West St. Cornwall Jeff Olson 802-989-9441 $1500 month includes all utilities, internet, etc.
147 Juniper Ridge Shelburne Jennifer Brown 802-989-0731
638 Perkins Rd Weybridge Jennifer Ponder 950 for January
199 Main Street
Second floor
Shoreham Jeremiah Parker $750 per month
12 Seminary St Middlebury Jill & Chris Stackhouse 802-388-9224 $400 per night, 3 night minimum.
111 South Main St Middlebury Jill Madden 802-545-2653 900/month
111 South Main St Middlebury Jill Madden 8025452653
38 Van Ornum Dr Addison Jim and Kati Anderson 802-349-7433 or 802-349-3053 1850/month
26 South Street Middlebury Jim Moulton 8023552287 $650 per month


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