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Non-College Housing List

Address City Contact Namesort descending Contact Phone Contact E-mail Rent
Juniper Lane Middlebury Josh Quinn 802-989-5331 $650/night (3 night min.)
Swinton Road Bridport Justine Logan 802-758-3211 $1600.00/month
East Main St. East Middlebury Karin Gottshall 802-349-2377 $1200 for 6-week session of BLSE (includes utilities)
Case Street Middlebury Kate 802-349-8931 $1500/month
Three Mile Bridge Rd. Middlebury Kathleen Walls 802-989-8363 $1,200 per month
5 East Road Middlebury Kathy (802)352-4302 $1450 plus utilities
34 School House Hill Rd East Middlebury Kathy Jones 350.00- $700/month
School House Hill Road East Middlebury Kathy Jones 802-318-2452 875 per month
2041 Quaker Village Road Weybridge Kelly Rizzo 802-734-7801 $895/night for graduation and reunion weekends. 3-night minimum
1299 Quarry Road Middlebury Kelsey George 802-735-7349 700/month
1299 Quarry Road Middlebury Kelsey George 802-735-7349 700/month
1342 Lake Dunmore Rd. Leicester KIM 802-989-1694 $250/night for parents weekends, graduation, and holidays
1342 Lake Dunmore Rd. Leicester Kim 802 989 1694 $250 a night for graduation and parent weekends, $1000 weekly in summer
Lemon Fair Road WEYBRIDGE Kris Bowdish 802-349-9180 $500 per month
Water Street Vergennes Kristi 802-274-6595 450/month
578 Weybridge Street Middlebury Lance Ritchie 802-377-3409 1475
unlisted Sudbury Laura (202) 510-3487 2,400 month
3 North Street Middlebury Laura Thomas 9178173319 $2000/month plus utilities
326 Fiddlers Ln Bridport LES OR JENNY FOSHAY 802-758-3276 $1700/mo.
unlisted Goshen Leslie Beaulieu 9788844847 $1400 per week, $400 per night
29 Hollow Tree Lane Leicester Linda Sommers 805-705-1557 $1025/week in summer (includes cleaning and taxes)
62 Seymour St Middlebury Linda Williams 802-388-0401 $800/month
Rte 125/Lemon Fair Rd Cornwall Liz Mackey $700/mo
137 Orchard Lane Weybridge Louise and Ashley Cadwell 314 614 9889 January Term rental 5 weeks $6000.00


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